Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 40th Pro-Choicers!

I’m an American.
I’m a thirteen-year-old American.
I’m a thirteen year old, pro-choice American.

                  On the fortieth anniversary of Roe v Wade, I decided that a thirteen year old’s blog should go right next to the people who have had abortions, are of voting age, and actually have NARAL bumper stickers on their car.
                  Because I share the same story as everyone.
                  We’ve all been called “killer”, “baby killer”, and have had people keep their distance from us. Self-loving, authoritarian people have told us that we should change our opinion, because apparently, we’re “wrong thinking people,”(a 32 year old man told me that).
                  These people would have been better off without Roe v Wade; in fact, I have friends that are mourning today. But truthfully, America wouldn’t be better off.
                  Picture a dark, dreary world, where mothers die while hooked on the IV, because they actually needed that abortion to continue with their lives. Where women have to go to an unsanitary abortion clinic, and have an inexperienced surgeon literally cut her body into pieces (sorry for the graphic). Where my hard working sisters, aunts, and daughters have to worry about actually getting food more than paying for expensive contraceptives.
                  As for those male politicians who are pro-life, and working day and night to make sure Roe v Wade doesn’t have a 41st anniversary, my message to you is, “You are never going to have go through an abortion, you are never going to need to even think of it.”
                  Your wife might.
                  And if you overturn Roe v Wade, she will probably never look at you the same ever again.
                  I really don’t consider religion to be a reason about why someone takes a side in this dispute. I’ve had a friend who was a devout pro-choice child stuck in the middle of a Catholic school. Even her teachers bullied her every single day, but she stood up for her cause, our cause.
                  I’ve had another Catholic friend who said that there was a pregnant senior who committed suicide just because her talking about an abortion made every single person harass her to the point where she couldn’t live anymore.
                  So, my dear NARAL friends, let’s keep being the boss of our own body, and hopefully the government will never take that “privilege” away from us. I hope that next year I can smile when I find out that it’s the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade. Continue to put up NARAL bumper stickers (I’m in the process of getting mine), and continue to stand up for what you believe in, what we believe in. Our voices will always be heard, no matter how soft we whisper, no matter how loud we shout, as long as we are together as one.